I finally decided to expand the chronicling of my weight loss journey to “”Get Right and Get Tight” from Facebook into a blog. It’s my hope to inspire the everyday woman, who like me has sat on her sofa and watched the infomercials where the women follow plan XY and Z for a mere 30-90 days and just like that (snaps fingers) they go from 200+lbs to bikini ready. They lose all of their love handles and have the perfect abs. And it was so easy! Well that’s NOT my story. I’ve been overweight most of my adult life. The range has gone from needing to lose 5-10lbs to well over 100lbs. Sometimes I sit and wonder HOW did I allow this to happen? Did I not “See” the changes in my body, in my face, in my ability to walk a flight of stairs? Yes, I did. But somehow I managed to deny it was actually happening. So I gained 5lbs (shrugs) that’s nothing. I can lose 5lbs in a week. But ya know what, 5lbs gained 10 x’s without loosing ANY that can take a bit longer than a week. Then life and kids and family call and you are placed last on the list of To Do’s. Then you realize I’ve got to do something, and you try 1, 2, maybe even 3 of the infomercial quick fixes and you actually lose 20-25lbs, until you stop/finish and you gain those 20 back plus additional 10-15lbs. And it becomes a vicious cycle. Then you begin to think it’s impossible to get your “Pre-Life” figure back. I’m here to say it is possible. If you are willing to make some LIFESTYLE changes and do the work. My journey is just that, a journey. Meaning it’s has not been a quick trip around the block. It’s been more like an intrastate bike ride. But a great bike ride. One of those great scenic rides in the fall. Sometimes I just breeze downhill with my feet out to the side hair blowing and everything is a beautiful colorful blur. Then there are times when I gotta make it uphill and often times it’s steep. So steep I gotta stand up and “pump” side to side. LOL There are times I even want to get off and just walk it up the hill. But I stay on my bike because I want the satisfaction of knowing I was able to push through those tough times. I’ve had many uphill treks but I’m better for them. And they are a constant positive reminder that I am strong, I am capable of doing what I thought was impossible, as well as sealing my forward motion. I’m not going back. I’ve come to far. Get Right Get Tight




  1. Hi,

    I was inspired by your story in the health section of the ajc. I live in Locust Grove as well and I am a teacher in Henry County. I would like to meet you in person for inspiration and advice as I am truly battling this weight loss journey. Let me know if that’s possible, Tanger would be a good spot.



    1. Hello Christie,

      Thank you so much, for stopping by the blog. I’d love to help you. I have a weight loss group starting on March 1st. There are details on the Weight loss camp page. You can sign up there as well. Looks like it’s going to be a small group this time so you will be able to get loads of time an attention. If you would like to incorporate workouts in person as well, we can definitely discuss that. What are your goals? What are you currently doing? Feel free to email me @ Denna@dennacrutchfield.com

      Get Right Get Tight


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