If anyone knows about the power of the double D’s baaaby it’s me ( giggles to self) and well anyone who knows me I’m sure they would be inclined to agree without ANY hesitation. I’ve been rolling with the double D’s for some time now and they definitely have their advantages. They have helped me to open doors that would have other wise been closed, they have captured the attention of those who know me as well as those who don’t. And well I enjoy putting them on display because I must admit I’m quite proud that I possess these assets. In fact I’m going to share them with you all right now….. Here ya gooooo
Dedication and Determination!!


Whaaaat? What did you think I meant? (Blinks innocently with a naughty girl smile)
Ok now that I have your attention this dynamic duo are definitely something you want to have in your repertoire. Think about it, if you are not dedicated just have far do you think you will ease on down the road towards your fitness goals? Let me help you, about as far as the wicked witch got when that house fell on her. If you are dedicated things will fall into place, trust me I know. You will find the time, you will lose the excuses and you will be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals.
Determination again without it, it will make your journey more challenging that it has to be. Ladies you all know when we are determined to do something, we WILL find a way to get it. Move mountains to get it! I know y’all are smiling because you know it’s true. If it’s getting that Coach bag, that man, or that Remi, if we want it we WILL get it. It’s that type of determination you must possess when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. You have to be willing to rearrange some things, say no to some things. Or perhaps get up earlier or go to be later. So go ahead and pull out those DD’s sport them proudly and let the world see them. Get Right Get Tight


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