Food triggers

Food Triggers: How to Put the Safety on Them


This post is brought to you by the movie 2012, yep the one that came out about 4 /5 years ago. So I sat down to watch it and my first thought was I need some popcorn to go with this. Next thought was, wait, WTH? No you don’t, you are not even hungry! Sitting down to watch a movie is a trigger for me. That is what I did for many many years. Watching movies=popcorn. Popcorn=extra butter. Extra butter=calorie filled drink to wash all that butter salt and guilt down. So I immediately put that “safety” on that gun. I’m very blessed to be able to recognize this trigger before the damage was done. So you may be wondering what did I do to put the safety on. Well in this instance it was super easy. I grabbed a cup of detox water and simply changed the location for my movie watching. I usually curl up in a chair in my bedroom. This time I went downstairs to the family room. I was just as comfy but the need for popcorn was left upstairs. Amazing how something so simple can make such a huge difference. Many times its just the ritual that tends to take into unsafe territory. Change it up. If you still need a snack while watching the movie, veggie sticks are great. A little fresh fruit and cheese or nut butter.  These things work for me create new and healthy rituals.



Sometimes, it may be a special date on the calendar that will trigger the need to eat. Maybe you had lunch/dinner with your mom, dad, friend, ex(whatever) or a birthday or an anniversary, and for one reason or another they are no longer with you. But the special date still remains, as well as the feelings and emotions that are tethered to the occasional.  Many times this can leave you with a void, a hollow empty feeling that longs to be filled. And many  of us turn to food. This time, try  something different,  write a letter to  that person. In this  letter, release the emotions you are feeling instead of stuffing them down with food and drink that you will most likely regret before it’s even digested. You don’t have to mail it to them unless you want to. The point is to just release instead of stuffing. Register for a race on that day if at all possible. Volunteer someplace you have always wanted to but never found the time. The idea is to create another ritual that is conducive to your health and fitness goals.


Or perhaps, it’s the one we all are familiar with our frenemy that stalking bastard boredom. He’s always lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce, with a bag of mindless chips, a sabotaging sweet, girth growing bread or hell sometimes he declares, let the binge begin and brings everything but the kitchen sink. And that my friends is never good. Now you may ask what can you do about that? How can you put the safety on that trigger. First, have a plan. You know there will come a time when boredom will settle in. If you are home have a list of options, you can read, journal, spend time with your kids, go for a walk or jog, check social media and find inspirational stories, read them pick up some tips from someone who is where you want to be. Try a new hobby like painting, a musical instrument, crocheting anything you  have always wanted to try. And of course have healthy snacks on hand.


Stuck in traffic, have an audio book on hand, have healthy snacks and water on hand.

If you’re at work, again have healthy snacks and water on hand. Walk the stairs, instead of emailing someone in your office, walk down to their office and speak to them. Read a work related article. Tidy up your office or cubicle 🙂 Do some deep breathing and positive visualization.




In summary, the keys to beating food triggers, are as follows, be aware that you have triggers, recognize them and have a plan as to how you will slap that safetly on them. It’s not a difficult process at all, once you recognize they exist.


Thanks for stopping by! GRGT