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I Rock!

Hey guys!! Yesterday I went rock climbing! I had so much fun. But if you guys know anything about me, you there’s at least 1 story 🙂
I was a little nervous because I have never been rock climbing  before so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Honestly I was nervous about getting to the top of the walls. That, my friends was not a problem. The problem was coming down. They thought I was just going to let go and drop 😌 Chile stop it. Yes, I was harnessed in, but I don’t know that harness, or pulley system like THAT! We had just met, lol.  So I Spider-Man’d up like a champ and did likewise coming down, lmao!! 

When I got to the top, a fear of heights kicked in like a turbo booster! Honey Boo boo chile! I just could not let go! Then I climbed a partial way and tried to let go. Then halfway, then 3/4 of the way. I could NOT let go!

Then I was challenged by one of the ladies. I NEVER back down from a challenge or someone saying I can’t do something. So I spun on my heels and I shimmed up the wall like a champ. And then this happened, I looked down, father forgive me! The ladies I went with were very supportive and screamed NO DONT LOOK DOWN!! lol lol! They were saying just let GOOOOOO!! After a few minutes I was like freak it! This belaying down does NOT win!!
I let go! And I lived to tell the story! 😃 I had so much fun! I can’t wait to go back! It’s a great workout and a lot of fun. Oh and the fella in the photo is now my Atlanta Rocks boo! Had much fun and talked much trash with him. I highly recommend trying this if you haven’t. If you have what was your experience?