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Fall in Love

I know this is where I am in my journey. It’s partially where my never quit attitude comes from. I love working out. I love trying new workouts even more. I don’t miss the junk food or other crap food. Although I do have it occasionally (transparency 🙂 ) And occasionally is just that, maybe once or twice a month and it’s planned and controlled. However, most of the time it does not live up to my expectation and I don’t even finish it.


I didn’t get here overnight, but with a mindset for reaching my goals and just being healthier I arrived at  this point. In my opinion losing a significant amount of weight and keeping it off is one of the difficult and most rewarding things one can accomplish. It’s my belief that you must love the process in order to be successful. When you fall in love with the process it becomes a lifestyle. And this is my  lifestyle. It’s not a diet. I plan to live the rest of my life this way. I’m not doing this for summer, or an event I’m doing this because I love me and I love this journey, this process. I have learned to accept the downs and relish the ups. XO GRGT


The Article

Wednesday February 25, 2015, was THE BEST DAY! I was the featured success story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Boom Shaka Laka! You talk about psyched, amped, turnt up, LOL you name it. If it means excited I was/am.



This entire process has been somewhat surreal but to actually make a well-known publication for weight loss, I’ve come a looong way baby! I’m so grateful for the drive and determination that God has blessed me with. As well as  for everyone who has supported during my journey. This would have been much more difficult without my support system. And it would not have been half as fun.

Despite how far I’ve come, my journey is far from over, I still have a bout 20-25 more pounds I’d like to lose. But honey boo boo chile, I’m much closer to the maintenance portion of this journey than the beginning.


So me being me, I was showing the article to random strangers as I was buying newspapers. I would whip open the paper and say, “Hey, look that’s me!” LOL. Yes, I did that. It was surprisingly well received 🙂 I received tons of congrats, and way to go’s. Some people even went to get their own copies of the paper so they could actually read the article. Umm, but there weren’t any left, someone had bought them all, lol.

Start and don’t quit, that’s the key. And going my March weight loss camp to kick-start your own journey. I want everyone to Get Right and Get Tight 🙂


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Recognizable Beast

It seems as though this TRX class is everything! I’m loving it. Yes, I went back again today. The thing of it is, I was super late for class and had hopes of just being able to slide into class but low and behold all straps were filled. My heart sank 😦 Instead of moving on to something else I just kinda stood outside the class like a little lost puppy wanting to come in from the rain. Just as I was about to tuck my tail and move on, I noticed Amiee (one of the instructors) coming towards the door. And when she said come on in, I was overjoyed! I hurried inside before she changed her mind, lol. I was greeted with such enthusiasm from Victor, the other instructor. I felt right at home, in my house of pleasure and pain, lmao!

So this is how it went down today. When I grabbed my strap, it was break time for the class, but it was suggested that I catch up, (giggles). Hey, whatever, I’m bout this life. Bring it. And he brought it, LOL. If you all don’t know by now, when I show up, I show up with Beast Mode on. I’ll take on all challengers! So during class I choose to do the advanced moves, not because I’m showing off, but because everyone should work to their ability so that you can get what you need out of the workout. So, that is what I do. I challenge myself. And if in doing that I push others to challenge themselves, that’s even better. Even the guys, (giggles). It might be a “Mans World”, but that’s, my class.

So when class was over, Victor looks at me ands says, since you were late, “I know you want some more, do you want to stay?” Well at first I thought he was kidding but I soon found out he was not! So, in my mind, my inner Beast is being recognized. My desire, dedication and determination are shining through. And that is moving others to become a part of team GRGT! How freaking amazing is that.
My class, after class, was amazing. I worked my legs like nobody’s business. My biceps and my core. Chile my core, lol. It’s getting stronger that’s for sure. I love, love, love being pushed and challenged, it only makes me better and stronger.

Check out my video…whatcha think?

Dedicated and Determined to Get Right Get Tight

Rambonian Beast

I took another TRX Class at the gym. I have to giggle to myself when I think about it, because the first class I took with them I talked a little trash about it, and they knew it, LOL. So, I KNEW when I went back I needed to be ready. Did I say I was STILL recouping from that leg session on Wednesday? So when I walked in Victor and Aimee were Ooooh she’s BACK! I wore my camo leggings I went with the intent to go to war, lol. And chile let me tell you a war it was. But as most of you know, that’s how I like it. Force me to engage beast mode. I’ll never back down or quit. As we got into the routine we had to do squats, I knew they would burn but I had my poker face. So I’m going pretty deep and happy with it, and Aimee decided to do JUMP squats. Well I took it as an unspoken challenge (gives her The Rock Eyebrow because she KNEW I was beat down from Wednesday) I accepted the challenge like a true Rambonian Beast (LMAO) so WE did jump squats! Some of the others in class were looking like WTH, yeah yall can have THAT! We did all sorts of moves, various squats, regular rows, high rows, bicep curls, triceps, planks, mountain climbers, and MANY other things. There was a cute senior couple in there and the lady was next to me and she kept saying, “Wow, you are just a little Dynamo.” It was an awesome class. I really like that 12:30 class. I’ll go back. I was suppose to go back to the 5:30 class but sometimes teenagers can throw a monkey wrench in you plans. So I’m glad I did go early. Day 13 of the challenge done! GRGT

Mobility or Nah (The Leg Day Chronicles)

TIRED? Tired? I’m as tired as a 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest. leg[1]
This man must think he’s the beneficiary of my life insurance. What other reason would have to try with such diligence to kill me today? That’s not a rhetorical question, if you have thoughts on the matter please speak up. I need answers.

So it was leg day! I love leg day but dammit, I only have maybe 30″ of legs after all my entire body is only 60″ what do you expect from them? Mind u I was already sore, from TRX on Monday, and Body Candy on Tuesday. But true to who I am I persevered. Leg extensions, 2 kinds of deadlifts, box jumps.
IMG_0270 (Pause for a second, I am terrified of jumping on or over things, and Mister Man, put the medium sized box out for me to jump on. Can you say hot mess? First, I had him stand of front of me, then beside me, still with no jump, lol. I finally wound up holding on and jumping that way. I’m not sure what my issue is with jumping, other than falling lol) We also did, hamstring curls, weighted squats, and let’s not forget leg press (540lbs ascending, then descending). I did 1.5 miles on the TM prior to and another 1.5 after. Annnd I almost fell asleep on the way home. I had to use one of my lifelines, I phoned a friend to make it home. I was thoroughly exhausted. I guess that’s what called leaving it all on the floor, and the parking lot, the truck…yeah you get the picture. I’m sure my trainer was proud of himself! LMAO

When my daughter got home from school and saw me in the bed she said, “What’s wrong, are you sick?” LMAO. I’m never in the bed before bedtime! I mean I was in my PJ’s under the covers in the bed. I had no intention of getting out of the bed, for a few reasons. First, I bruise easily. Second, I was half afraid my legs would betray me, if I tried to use them. And third, I don’t have a Life Alert thingy! Dedicated and Determined to Get Right Get Tight


Today was a good day for my journey. I got 2 workout sessions in and I ate well. I’m hot on the trail of that end of the year goal. 8lbs to go. I’d like to have it done by Christmas but I’ll settle for December 30th.

My morning session was with my trainer Perry aka The Beast. He’s so super awesome. He pushes me hard but it’s all good. Because as I said I have goals. We hit biceps and triceps today. And already I can feel it. Love that sore feeling post workout. Our sessions are always super duper fun. We always see someone doing something funny at the gym. Today it was an older lady walking on the treadmill in a PLAID SUIT. LOL

My next workout was Crossfit. I like Crossfit. I think it’s a good compliment to my sessions with my trainer. Crossfit works me in a different way. Keeps me on my toes. Besides its, always good to switch it up. And believe me, I’m the queen of the switch up. I did box step-ups, sit-ups, jogged and did squats with the medicine ball. I can feel the soreness in my abs. I did 120 sit-ups.


Although I’m doing what I need to be doing to GRGT, this end of the year goal is really causing me some stress. 8lbs is a lot to lose for me. Even though I’ve not missed a goal yet, this one is haunting me.

Brighter note, I love my Mickey leggings. And so did many people who saw them today. They were given to me by one of my followers on my Facebook page. How awesome is that!!

The power of the Double D’s

If anyone knows about the power of the double D’s baaaby it’s me ( giggles to self) and well anyone who knows me I’m sure they would be inclined to agree without ANY hesitation. I’ve been rolling with the double D’s for some time now and they definitely have their advantages. They have helped me to open doors that would have other wise been closed, they have captured the attention of those who know me as well as those who don’t. And well I enjoy putting them on display because I must admit I’m quite proud that I possess these assets. In fact I’m going to share them with you all right now….. Here ya gooooo
Dedication and Determination!!


   Whaaaat? What did you think I meant? (Blinks innocently with a naughty girl smile)
Ok now that I have your attention this dynamic duo are definitely something you want to have in your repertoire. Think about it, if you are not dedicated just have far do you think you will ease on down the road towards your fitness goals? Let me help you, about as far as the wicked witch got when that house fell on her. If you are dedicated things will fall into place, trust me I know. You will find the time, you will lose the excuses and you will be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals.
Determination again without it, it will make your journey more challenging that it has to be. Ladies you all know when we are determined to do something, we WILL find a way to get it. Move mountains to get it! I know y’all are smiling because you know it’s true. If it’s getting that Coach bag, that man, or that Remi, if we want it we WILL get it. It’s that type of determination you must possess when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. You have to be willing to rearrange some things, say no to some things. Or perhaps get up earlier or go to be later. So go ahead and pull out those DD’s sport them proudly and let the world see them. Get Right Get Tight