Weight Loss Camp

Thank you for stopping by my blog to get more information on my weight loss camp. It’s called Making Fit Happen. And there is a reason for the name. It’s because that is the goal, to become healthy and fit. Not necessarily making “thin” happen. However, if you follow the guidelines you WILL drop pounds and inches as well as improve your quality of life, by way of increased energy, strength and endurance.

It’s a virtual weight loss camp that is currently “Housed” on Facebook. It’s a 4 week camp where you will received all that you need to start your weight loss journey or rejuvenate your journey. I started this camp for a few reasons. First, because I know from personal experience that it can be very overwhelming to just simply start. You want to know, what do I eat, when do I eat it, how much do I need to eat? What about workouts? What should I do, how many reps, how long? Well I will help you out with all of those things plus more. I will share with you some of the things that I have learned along my journey. The second reason is because the number one question I get is, what did you do? After careful consideration I decided the best way to share this information in an organized and effective way is by starting a camp of like minded individuals who are serious about becoming the best her or him that they can be. As well as present it in an inviting, safe, judgment free and supportive environment. The Facebook group is not open to the public it is a secret group. For the reasons stated. And finally, I really want Get Right Get Tight and Making Fit Happen to become movements. So many think dramatic weight loss is unattainable, I’m living proof is it very attainable IF you are willing to work for it. Sometimes we can look at those hard bodies in their bikini’s and we think that’s impossible. That can be intimidating. I’m here to bridge the gap.

I’ve conducted multiple camps, and all of my participants have lost pounds and inches, and they have been very happy with the camp and all of the benefits they received. Some so much so they signed up for multiple camps because they wanted to continue to Make Fit Happen.

The principle things you will receive are:
1. Nutrition guidelines
2. Workout suggestions
3. Recipes
4. Accountability
5. Motivation
6. Prizes (depending on amount of participants)
7. And most importantly you get ME, someone who actually knows what the struggles of weight loss are. And can help you figure out how to overcome them. I will be there every single day, supporting and encouraging you, via post in the group, text, email or phone call. Together we will Make Fit Happen. Many campers have found #7 to be the most important key to their success as well as #4.

We as women make time to take care of everyone and everything except, US. We do this unselfishly out of love and that’s great. But what happens when we go down? The ship goes down as well. You need to know it’s perfectly fine and definitely necessary that we MAKE TIME for ourselves and LOVE OURSELVES enough to MAKE FIT HAPPEN.
My next camp will start on Monday May 18th each camp is 4 weeks.
To sign up for a camp, just clink the link below to reserve your spot.






    1. Yes, it started on March 2nd. But it’s not to late to sign up if you want to join. Just use the link at the bottom of the Weight Loss Camp page and I’ll add you to the group and get you caught up. Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to helping you reach your fitness goals.

      Warm Wishes,


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